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#1 Professional and reputable international sea shipping service


BNQ Global Logistics is one of the leading international transportation service companies in Vietnam, specializing in providing transportation solutions with competitive rates, fast and economical shipping time. Based on the variety of services, BNQ Global has met more than 80% of transportation needs, and always offers the optimal solution for customers.

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1. Highlights

  • Cheapest import freight in the market.
  • Professional, dedicated, meticulous agent system, fully meeting the most difficult requirements of customers.

2. Prestige, Professional and Effective

  • Having contracts with many shipping lines.
  • Consulting and choosing the appropriate shipping method.
  • Quotation of imported goods quickly and accurately.
  • We are committed to the confidentiality of goods information as well as customer information in order to bring absolute trust to customers.

3. Over 80% of transportation demand

  • Dynamic customs declaration staff, experienced in handling difficult goods such as forklifts, excavators, chemicals, cosmetics, food,…
  • Being a unit of long-term cooperation with international shipping lines carrying full container cargo (FLC) or retail cargo (LCL) by ship such as NYK, Kline, APL