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Vietnam inland transportation service not only transports by road, but also has many other forms such as: long-distance truck, train, plane or ship. BNQ Global logistics provides a full range of vehicles: Trucks – Containers – Tractors – Transporters…

Popular domestic transportation services today such as:

  • Domestic transportation by truck, long-distance truck, north-south and vice versa
  • Transport by rail in Vietnam
  • Domestic transportation by inland sea (ships), including container transport, is becoming more and more popular and convenient.

# Inland transportation services by road (Trucks, Container trucks, Tractors)

With the nature of meeting needs immediately, quickly and especially, it is very flexible with all types of goods. It can deliver to any location specified by the customer.

Advantages are:

  • Fast shipping speed only 3 to 4 days to arrive;
  • Convenient. Every day, cars run this part of the road, this fixed route


  • The highest freight

# Domestic transportation service by Rail

Extremely competitive costs, suitable for long-distance, North-South transport routes and ensure the safety of goods.